ILPI Centre for Human Rights Studies


ILPI Centre for Human Rights Studies was established in 2013. The Centre for Human Rights Studies is an integral part of ILPI and ties together ILPI’s broad engagement on knowledge building and knowledge sharing in the field of human rights.

Our key focus areas are:

  • National and local implementation of human rights
  • Relationship between democracy, rule of law and human rights
  • Protection of vulnerable groups
  • Human rights training

ILPI Centre for Human Rights Studies arranges on a regular basis seminars and meetings (please see the “News” section). We also set up ad hoc teams for drafting articles, documents, and other relevant texts. ILPI Centre for Human Rights Studies welcomes external expertise and resource personnel to join in on a regular or ad hoc basis.

Human Rights Law

ILPI staff have extensive knowledge in the field of national as well as international human rights law through practical experience as well as academic work including academic publications and teaching. ILPI expertise covers the whole range of human rights law, from civil and political rights to economic, social, and cultural rights, including rights of women, minorities and indigenous peoples. ILPI staff have extensive experience and knowledge of human rights instruments, monitoring mechanisms and the global and regional institutional frameworks. ILPI staff also have expertise with regard to the various mechanisms and monitoring bodies related to the implementation of these norms. ILPI combines this expertise in human rights law with knowledge of democratization and the rule of law in developing sustainable and long-term solutions.

ILPI moreover has expertise with regard to business and human rights and corporate responsibility for human rights violations. Our approach to implementing international norms on a national level builds on country knowledge and comparative law.

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