ILPI Centre for International Humanitarian Law

Recent Publications

This list includes both ILPI publications and academic publications produced by ILPI staff and affiliated researchers to the IHL centre.

Kjølv Egeland, K.E. 2016 Lethal autonomous weapon systems under international humanitarian law

ILPI 2016, 'Counting to zero: an overview of United Nations member states’ positions on nuclear disarmament and the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons', ILPI Weapons of Mass Destruction Project, 9th edn, May 2016.

Nystuen, G & Egeland, K 2016, "A legal gap? Nuclear weapons under international law", Arms Control Today, March 2016.

ILPI 2015, Protection of environment in times of armed conflict, Report from the expert meeting, International Law and Policy Institute, 14-15 September 2015.

Lahidji, R 2015, 'Ambiguous ambitions: The saga of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the international legal framework regulating weapons of mass destruction', ILPI Nuclear Weapons Project, Background Paper No. 17, September 2015.

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