Ethiopia / Horn of Africa


Horn of Africa Office

ILPI has a regional office in Addis Ababa, represented through our legal agent. The Addis office is staffed with internationally renowned Ethiopian experts, and together with Oslo based staff and affiliated experts – ILPI offers the world leading expert environment on Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

The ILPI Addis office functions as a hub for our activities in the sub-region of the Horn. ILPI also has a network of partners across the whole of Eastern Africa, with a solid aggregate level of expertise on both the region as a whole, and on each of the different countries. ILPI can undertake legal and political analysis in a broad range of areas, with flexibility and efficiency.

Our national expert staffs in Addis Ababa, are complimented by various other colleagues from the Oslo office or other ILPI affiliates who regularly come to Ethiopia for fieldwork and other purposes. ILPI has an extensive academic network in the region and frequently cooperates with local institutes and academics. The Horn of Africa Group is composed of researchers with disciplinary backgrounds from political science, anthropology, sociology and law.

Being one of the most conflict prone regions in the world, the states of the Horn of Africa have for decades been grappling with the challenges of conflict, poverty and state fragility. This is however also a region that is changing at a rapid pace, and is increasingly providing attractive economic opportunities and some of its states are playing ever more important and constructive roles in continental affairs. ILPI’s Addis Ababa office seeks to provide policy advice on the social, political and economic dynamics of this fascinating region and chart out constructive ways of engaging with its challenges and opportunities. We are also engaged in long-term academic research projects, covering the thematic fields of foreign policy, international relations, conflict mitigation, and scenario analysis.


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ILPI has closed down. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons more information

ILPI has closed down. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons