Breakfast seminar on responsible business conduct

Sørkedalsveien 10B, OSLO: 27.09.2016

Companies’ activities continue to span over multiple countries and a variety of cultural and legal contexts. How businesses operate and what they decide can have significant impact om the societies where they operate and for the people that are affected by their operations. Responsible business conduct is becoming more and more important and it is also a good business case for acting responsible. On 27 September, ILPI and ILPI LAW invited to a breakfast seminar addressing the topic of responsible business conduct.

With more than 60 participants from companies, civil society and government and public institutions, the topic of responsible business conduct was addressed through presentations made by experts in the fields of international humanitarian law, human rights, and compliance.

Frode Elgesem, managing partner of ILPI LAW and member of Norway’s OECD National Contact Point, made a presentations titled “Five Steps to Ensure that a Business Operates Responsibly”, using businesses´ responsibility to respect human rights as a main example.

Senior Partner Gro Nystuen and Senior Legal Advisor and Researcher Cecilie Hellestveit examined companies´ use of force and application of international humanitarian law to companies in conflict zones.

Kjetil Tronvoll, Senior Partner, discussed the importance of understanding uncontrollable factors such as power-relations and the interests of various actors in countries where companies operate, and emphasising the importance of basing investment decisions on thorough and well informed analysis of the political-economic situation.

Executive Legal Advisor Tore Schei, retired Chief Justice of the Norwegian Supreme Court, elaborated on the topic of corporate criminal responsibility and the discretionary assessment of whether criminal sanctions should be imposed in the concrete case.

The seminar was chaired by Njål Høstmælingen, managing partner at ILPI and partner at ILPI LAW.

To see the various presentations, click here. 

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ILPI has closed down. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons more information

ILPI has closed down. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons