Human rights course for Angolan media delegation

Oslo: 20.11.2016 - 26.11.2016

A delegation from various media institutions in Angola visited Oslo from 20 November to 26 November 2016 for a short course programme. 

The six-day programme had a focus on international and regional human rights standards and norms related to the topics of topics of freedom of expression, access to information, journalism, privacy, defamation, ethics, mechanisms of responsibility and media self-regulation. The visit is part of the Angola Human Rights Training project with the Angolan Ministry of Justice and Human Rights carried out for the Norwegian Embassy in Luanda.

The course aimed at providing insight on the above-mentioned topics in the theoretical session and on how different Norwegian institutions implement these in practice. The programme also aimed at creating space for discussions, cooperation and relations between Angolan and Norwegian individuals and institutions.

The delegation visited the following Norwegian institutions:

  • Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Section for Central and Southern Africa and Section for Human Rights and Democracy – Utenriksdepartementet;
  • Norwegian Journalists’ Association – Norsk Journalistlag;
  • Association of Norwegian Editors – Norsk Redaktørforening;
  • The Norwegian Press Council – Norsk Presseforbund (PFU);
  • Nobel Peace Prize Centre – Nobel fredssenter;
  • The University College of Oslo and Akershus, Department of Journalism and Media Studies: International Center (JMIC) – Høyskolen i Oslo og Akershus;
  • The Norwegian Data Protection Authority – Datatilsynet;
  • NRK and NRK Media Houses’ Council on self-regulation – Kringkastingsrådet;
  • Radio Latin-America – Radio Latin Amerika.

The Angolan media delegation included representatives from the following Angolan organs, media institutions and organisations:

  • The Ministry of Social Communication – Ministério de Comunicação Social;
  • The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights – Ministério da Justiça e dos Direitos Humanos;
  • The National Council for Social Communication – O Conselho Nacional da Comunicação Social (CNCS);
  • The Centre for Education of Journalists – Centro de Formação de Jornalistas (CEFOJOR);
  • The NGO Forum for Female Journalists and Gender Equality – Fórum de Mulheres Jornalistas e Igualdade de Género (FMJIG);
  • The Angolan Journalists’ Union – Sindicato dos Jornalistas Angolanos (SJA).


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