ILPI’s Wasemavyo Wazanzibari data used as part of Presidential Debates

Tanzania : 20.09.2015

On 20 September as part of the #Mkikimkiki election debate series from Twaweza, ILPI and SUZA’s Wasemavyo Wazanzibar survey data played a significant role. 

20150921 Mkikimkiki 2015 croppedThe Mkikimkiki debates cover a variety of topics relevant to voters in the forthcoming Tanzanian General Elections set for 25 October 2015 . Having such a forum for candidates to debate issues is a new development in Tanzania. Using Twaweza’s Sauti za Wananchi panel survey data from Tanzania mainland as well as data from governmental institutions the debates are framed around reliable figures on the state of development in various sectors and issues. ILPI’s Wasemavyo Wazanzibari mobile phone panel survey data together with 2012 census data provided the foundation for the Zanzibar debates on issues such as the constitutional review process, corruption, identity, and natural resource management.

To the watch the video (in Kiswahili), click here.

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