Oslo Diploma Course 2016

Oslo: 28.08.2016 - 15.09.2016

The annual human rights course, Oslo Diploma Course 2016, took place in Oslo from 29 August – 14 September 2016.

For the fourth year running, ILPI hosted a delegation from Angola for a three-week course on theory and practice of Human Rights. The course is part of the Angola Human Rights Training Project, a co-operation between the Angolan Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and the Norwegian Embassy in Luanda, with ILPI as its implementing partner.

The course intended to give a broad overview and basic knowledge of the international human rights framework, with the aim of strengthening and deepening, within Angola, knowledge of International and Regional Human Rights practices, legislation and implementation. Morning Lectures, which expanded on the theory behind the human rights and the international system, were coupled with relevant afternoon institutional visits. This link between theory and practice was set up to allow the participants to understand how human rights principles are put into practice in Norway. A balanced agenda allowed civil society as well as state entities to be visited giving the opportunity for the delegates who came from diverse public administration and civil society backgrounds to have a well-rounded image of the Norwegian human rights system.

Discussions and participation throughout morning and afternoon sessions allowed the delegates to share their own opinions and experiences. This involvement made for a valuable and constructive course not only for the delegates, but also the lecturers and the institutions visited.

ODC 2016

The ODC 2016 delegation in front of the Norwegian Supreme Court

The participants in the 2016 Delegation:

  • Adelino Naquarta Domingos – the Angolan Bar Association
  • Ana Paula Simão dos Santos – civil society organisation NCC (National Counselling Center)
  • Cecília Gregória Cassapi Augusto – civil society organisation ACC (Association Building citizenship – Huila)
  • Délio Gourgel Perdigão – Ministry of Justice and Human Rights; Provincial Delegate in Luanda
  • Dorantina Paulo – Ministry of Justice and Human Rights; Cabinet for Human Rights Studies and Analysis
  • Edvalda Jandira dos Santos – Ministry of Justice and Human Rights; Advisor in the State Secreteriat on Human Rights
  • Ernesto Chilala – Ministry of Justice and Human Rights; Provincial Delegate in Bengo
  • Ernesto Estevão Pedro – Ministry of Justice and Human Rights; Provincial Delegate Huambo
  • Joana da Costa – Ministry of Justice and Human Rights; National Section for Human Rights
  • Júlio Fernandes de Carvalho – Ministry of Health
  • Luís Domingos – Ministry of Justice and Human Rights; Provincial Delegate in Lunda Sul
  • Manuel Bambi – General Attorney’s Office

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