Workshop on human rights reporting at Mosaiko

Luanda: 24.06.2016

International human rights reporting was the topic of discussion when Mosaiko arranged a workshop in Viana on 24 June 2016 where ILPI was invited to present on the international norms and standards in this regard.

General Director of Mosaiko, Júlio Candieiro, opened the workshop by stating that information on human rights norms and implementation in Angola is crucial in order to continue to improve the situation. He had invited members from other civil society organisations to see if Angola could get inspiration in how this matter is dealt with in Norway.

Njal Hostmaelingen from ILPI gave a presentation focusing on two aspects. The first section focused on the flow of information to and from the international human rights monitoring bodies, particularly the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism under the Human Rights Council and the treaty bodies, and the second section examined the Norwegian Human Rights Yearbook. The Yearbook was presented as an important tool both to spread knowledge about the international human rights monitoring bodies’ remarks on Norwegian implementation, as well as to inform about Norwegian judgments, white papers, and changes in legislation relating to human rights. Additionally, the Yearbook also has a chapter commenting upon what is seen as human rights challenges in Norway. It is published by the Norwegian National Human Rights Institution.

After the presentation there were questions and comments from the 20 participants, which included two former participants (Djamila Ferreira and Júlio Candieiro) of the Oslo Diploma Course, a three-week human rights training organised by ILPI. Questions typically dealt with quality control of information presented in the Yearbook; the relation between the Yearbook and the Government’s reports to the treaty bodies and the UPR; dissemination of the Yearbook (being available both in hard copy and online); the independence of the National Human Rights Institution; and the role of international society in implementing human rights at the domestic level.

The presentation by Njal Hostmaelingen can be accessed here for the English version, and here for the Portuguese.

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