Democracy and Governance

ILPI has broad expertise within the area of democracy and governance. The team has worked on a range of initiatives aimed at strengthening government institutions to achieve stability, prevent conflict, and reach development outcomes. The team has experience of providing support for political system development to allow all groups to have their voices heard, and has undertaken innovative work to improve transparency and accountability in the delivery of public services. Finally, the team has extensive on-the-ground experience on political economy analysis and aid management issues.

Institution building and post-conflict

The team has experience from designing and managing public sector reform interventions to build core state functions and service delivery in fragile environments. This includes capacity development at national and decentralized levels, and innovative approaches to service delivery in conflict and post-conflict settings.

Political economy analysis

Sound political economy analysis is an essential part of the design of any development assistance interventions. ILPI has undertaken political system analysis on a range of countries and topics including the petroleum sector in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America. The team also has extensive knowledge on governance assessment methods, theory of change and risk analysis.


ILPI senior democratisation specialists have experience with developing political systems in challenging environments. This includes research and policy advice on topics such as the risk of military interventions in politics, electoral systems, and the role of armed actors in elections. ILPI staff has also worked extensively on design and management of democratisation interventions.


ILPI combines expertise on international and in-country efforts to fight corruption. ILPI has experience with assessing corruption risks in sectors as well as countries. The team has leading expertise on the design of anti-corruption strategies and programmes, including the Collective Response to Corruption project for OECD and U4. ILPI staff has assisted governments, donors and NGOs in designing anti-corruption programmes.

Civil society and accountability

ILPI has useful operational experience from designing and managing interventions to promote the growth of civil society, to strengthen the media and to identify new methods for state-society dialogue. ILPI frequently advises INGOs and donors on civil society strategies.

Aid management

ILPI has considerable on-the-ground experience from aid management issues. This includes broad experience from undertaking evaluations of development assistance projects in a number of countries. In addition, the team has been involved in designing new aid management models and contributing to policy debates on improvements in aid modalities.

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ILPI has closed down. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons more information

ILPI has closed down. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons