– Democratic Tunisia target for Islamic terrorists

ILPI Programme Director and Tunisia expert Joachim Nahem says Islamic terrorists target Tunisia as the only Arab democracy.  

Only three months after 22 people were killed in the terrorist attack on the Bardo Museum in the capital Tunis, at least 37 people, mostly foreigners, were killed on June 26 in another terrorist attack, this time in the coastal city Sousse.

In an interview with the Norwegian newspaper dagsavisen, Nahem emphasises that Tunisia is the only country of the Arab spring which has gone through a successful transition to democracy. The fact that the country is an Arab democracy amidst several states with unrest and anarchy, makes the country an attractive target for Islamist terrorists, said Nahem. Nahem also drew attention to the dilemma faced by the Tunisian government of enacting anti-terrorism laws and clamping down on Islamic extremism without contravening its new constitution, which provides for strong human rights protection including freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.

To read the news article as published in the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen, click here.

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