Dimmen has article on nuclear weapons and gender published

ILPI’s Advisor Anne Guro Dimmen had an article on nuclear weapons and gender published in the December edition of the Norwegian magazine Feministisk Tidsskrift (FETT).

Over the last 50 years, the disarmament discourse on nuclear weapons has been characterized by abstract theories on “strategic stability” between states. Dimmen argues that the new international discourse focusing instead on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons, has contributed to breaking up the traditional and rather masculine security policy discourse. In place of this focus, the new discourse now proves to also allow the gender dimension of the nuclear weapons debate to gain further interest and recognition. The gender perspective, says Dimmen, contributes to the broader discourse on humanitarian consequences by way of highlighting biological and psychological consequences, both gendered, and also social stigma and various kinds of discrimination and evacuation-related aspects, also with gendered implications.

Dimmen’s article concludes that by focusing on the catastrophic humanitarian consequences nuclear weapons have, including the gendered impact, the humanitarian initiative has contributed to move the disarmament debate in the right direction.

To read the full article, in Norwegian, click here.

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