Eliminating vs prohibiting nuclear weapons?

Nuclear-armed and umbrella states accuse proponents of a nuclear weapons ban treaty of being wishful and irresponsible. According to these states, we must first eliminate nuclear weapons before we can meaningfully ban them. 

On the op-ed published on The World Post on 06 November 2015, Hayashi exposes a false dilemma in this argument, a supposed choice between eliminating and prohibiting nuclear weapons. In fact, a ban treaty is only a necessary step towards total nuclear disarmament, not the other way around. Using slavery’s abolition as a historical analogy, Hayashi asserts that banning nuclear weapons can create insecurity only if one does nothing else about them.

Nuclear-armed and umbrella states are the ones failing to make progress on nuclear disarmament and denuclearisation of security policy, and therefore hardly in a position to blame a ban’s supporters for stoking turmoil.

Read the complete op-ed here, also available in Japanese here.

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