How Tunisia is central to fighting terrorism in the Arab Region and what Norway can do to assist

Program Director Joachim Nahem and intern Freja Landewall write in the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen, 13 April, how economic and military support for Tunisia will be crucial for further democratic development.

The terror attack on the Bardo Museum in Tunis 18 March marks a dangerous development in the only country that has made real democratic gains after the Arab Spring. The Tunisian government needs all the support it can get to counter this security threat without undermining its democratic consolidation. Due to Tunisia’s close ties with neighbouring Algeria and Libya, the development in Tunisia will have a greater effect on the whole region – for better or for worse. The Norwegian government can, through economic and military support, strengthen democracy in Tunisia, and thereby contribute to democratic development in the region as a whole

Read the article (available in Norwegian), here.

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