Human rights master students

João António Francisco (Cabinet of Human Rights Studies, Analysis and Planning) and Luísa Buta (Cabinet for Human Rights) from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Angola have completed their master’s degrees at the University of Valência for the school year 2015/2016. The master studies are supported by a stipend scheme under the Angola Human Rights Training project, funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Angola.

Francisco completed his master’s in Human Rights, Peace and Sustainable Development under the Faculty of Law. His master thesis was written about the right to sustainable development and human development: An analysis of the reality in Angola (title in Portuguese: O Direito ao desenvolvimento e desenvolvimento humano sustentável: uma análise da realidade em Angola). The summary of his thesis can be found here (written in Portuguese).

Buta finished her degree in Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice under the Faculty of Law at the University of Valência. Her thesis treated the topic of the right to education: analysis and dimensions of the Angolan context (original title in Spanish: La Educación en Derechos Humanos: Análisis y Dimensión en el contexto de Angola). The summary of her thesis can be found here (written in Spanish).

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