Revitalization of ILPI LAW

ILPI LAW is being revitalized when attorney Frode Elgesem now joins in as managing partner. Mr Elgesem is an experienced Norwegian lawyer focussing on compliance, governance, international law and human rights law. He has been working for the Attorney General for 12 years, and the last 14 years he has been partner at Hjort & Co and at Thommessen. ILPI LAW will be owned and run by Elgesem and Njål Høstmælingen. The law firm will work closely with International Law an Policy Institute, and form a unique professional cooperation serving clients in Norway and abroad on international law (including humanitarian law and international criminal law), human rights, constitutional law, responsible business conduct, compliance and litigation.

For more information, read the press release (in Norwegian) here.

Visit ILPI Law homepage here.

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