Torture, hostage-taking, and the fundamental immorality of nuclear weapons

In his blogs for Huffington Post, ILPI’s Senior Legal Advisor Nobuo Hayashi argues that debating whether nuclear weapons keep us safe or not misses the point of their real moral status. Rather, we should see these weapons for what they really are, not what purposes they allegedly serve or how important such purposes are.

Today marks the opening of the 2015 Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Hayashi argues that, just as we consider torture and hostage-taking unjustifiable under any circumstances, the use and threat of nuclear weapons should also be deemed fundamentally unethical. While preventing their proliferation is a valuable endeavour for its own sake, we should bear in mind that non-proliferation is not a substitute for disarmament and elimination, the NPT’s less successful pillar. At this critical juncture, Hayashi concludes, the challenge is to foster a broad political consensus on the inherent immorality of nuclear weapons.

Read Hayashi’s full HuffPost blogs here (in English) and here (in Japanese).

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