Tronvoll comments on the recent UN report on Eritrea

Kjetil Tronvoll, Senior Partner at ILPI and Director of the ILPI Centre for African Studies, is among Norway’s principal experts on Eritrea. He was interviewed by the NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) June 8th regarding the Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea published by the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights. 

Tronvoll stated that the evidence of human rights violations presented in the report is unsurprising to those who have followed Eritrea for many years. The report is yet another confirmation that the Eritrean government is responsible for gross and systematic violations of human rights. While the Eritrean government prevented the team behind the report from entering Eritrea they have been able to compile an impressive amount of evidence documenting human rights violations through witness testimonies and interviews with experts. Tronvoll argues that the findings of the report are as valid and reliable as possible given the current situation.

Representatives from the Norwegian government have recently visited Eritrea in order to determine if it is justifiable to return Eritrean asylum-seekers. The visit was initiated following signals that Eritrea is willing to moderate its internationally condemned conscription practices. Tronvoll remains highly skeptical stating that it is impossible to trust Eritrean statements regarding political liberalization, human rights, and the establishment of a truly constitutional state. There is currently no credible and independently compiled evidence supporting the Eritrean government’s claim of an improvement in the human rights condition in the country.

Read the full interview, in Norwegian, here.

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