Kjetil Tronvoll

Senior Partner

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Kjetil Tronvoll has broad expertise within governance, politics, conflict, and human rights related issues, as well as in-depth experience in African studies. Prof. Tronvoll is founding and senior partner of ILPI, and the Director of ILPI Centre for African Studies.Tronvoll is professor of peace and conflict studies at Bjørknes College, and former professor of human rights at the University of Oslo. His doctoral degree is in political anthropology from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Additionally, Tronvoll has an M.Phil research degree from the University of Oslo.

Tronvoll has undertaken long-term anthropological fieldworks in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Zanzibar, in addition to shorter field studies in a dozen of African countries. Tronvoll has served as an advisor to political reconciliation processes and international peace meditating initiatives, as well as in regards to human rights concerns, in several African countries. He has headed and participated in election observer missions to numerous African elections. Tronvoll has extensive experience as an international consultant to bilateral and multilateral agencies. Tronvoll has published broadly on issues of human rights; transitional justice; peace, reconciliation and conflict studies; democratization and elections; political anthropology; and African studies.

Focus Areas
Political analysis
Risk studies
Democracy and Governance
Peace and Conflict
Human Rights
Rule of Law
Countries & Regions
Horn of Africa
East Africa
Southern Africa