Nystuen and Graff Hugo on Norway’s voting in the UN General Assembly

The United Nations General Assembly has voted in favour of three resolutions recognising the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons. Norway, who hosted the first of three conferences on the humanitarian considerations of nuclear weapons in 2013, chose to abstain from voting on two of the resolutions, while voting against the third. Norway’s Foreign Minister Børge Brende says that nuclear disarmament remains as a long-term priority for Norway, but that voting in favour of the three resolutions would be in breach of Norway’s NATO-obligations.

Following Norway’s voting in the General Assembly, ILPI’s Senior Partner Gro Nystuen was interviewed on NRK Alltid Nyheter on Tuesday 3 November 2015. Nystuen talked about the so-called ‘humanitarian initiative’, legal considerations and NATO’s Strategic Concept from 2010. Foreign Minister Børge Brende has referred to the Strategic Concept several times in explaining why Norway could not vote in favour of the three resolutions.

In addition, ILPI’s Torbjørn Graff Hugo was featured in two articles published on NRK’s website on 3 November 2015. Hugo maintained that there are no legal obstacles preventing Norway from supporting the resolutions recognising the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons. Norway’s voting must be understood in a political, rather than legal context, Hugo explains.

NRK Alltid Nyheter with Gro Nystuen is unfortunately unavailable at this time due to restricted access from NRK.

The articles featuring Torbjørn Graff Hugo can be found here and here.

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