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Anja S. Østgård


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Anja Svendsen Østgård holds a Masters of Arts in International Relations from War Studies Department, King’s College London, with focus on international relations, Brazil and globalisation, evolution of insurgency, post-colonialism, among other fields of study. She wrote her master thesis on the usage and impact of information and communication technology and social media in uprisings, comparing the cases of Egypt and Syria. Her BA was Spanish and Latin American studies combined with International Studies from University of Bergen and University of Oslo respectively. Spring 2015 and Spring 2016 she completed law courses on privacy and data protection and freedom of expression at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.

Before joining ILPI she worked at Human Rights Watch London, the University of Oslo, and she also completed a 6 months internship at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Portugal. Østgård has worked and studied in a range of different countries, including Mexico, Brazil, USA, Portugal, UK and Mozambique. She has a special interest in issues of human rights, media, international affairs, conflict and development. Østgård has since 2013 been working on the Angola Human Rights Training project at ILPI and is associated with the Centre for Human Rights Studies and Centre for African Studies, as well as working on the ILPI Communication Team.

Focus Areas

  • Media, freedom of expression, privacy and data protection
  • The impact and usage of information and communication tools and social media
  • Human rights
  • International relations
  • Development studies and globalisation

Countries & Regions

  • Angola
  • Brazil
  • Latin America


  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

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ILPI has closed down. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons