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Terje Østebø

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Terje Østebø is a scholar of religion and received his PhD in the History of Religion from Stockholm University (2009). He is currently the director of the Center for Global Islamic Studies and an associate professor at the Center for African Studies and the Department of Religion, University of Florida. Østebø’s research interests are Islam in contemporary Ethiopia, Islam, politics, and Islamic reformism in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, and Salafism in Africa.

Østebø has lived in Ethiopia for 6 years, and has extensive field-research experience. He has also been involved in briefing/advising international policymakers on issues related to religion and politics in the Horn of Africa. Østebø has an extensive publication record on Islam, politics, Salafism, reformism in Africa. Østebø is associated with ILPI Centre for African Studies.

Focus Areas

  • Religion and Politics
  • Islam
  • Salafism
  • Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflicts

Countries & Regions

  • Horn of Africa
  • East Africa


  • Norwegian
  • English
  • Oromo

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