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Gender country profile South Sudan 2015

South Sudan

Project Leader: Elisabeth Fosseli Olsen

Aim of the project

ILPI in consortium with the Swedish Institute for Public Administration (SIPU) have been selected to carry out a ‘Gender Country Profile’ for South Sudan for the Swedish Embassy in Juba.

Sweden assesses the lack of gender equality as a major obstacle against development, peace and security in South Sudan. The ‘Gender Country Profile’ that the ILPI / SIPU consortium will produce will identify key issues contributing to gender inequalities. As such, it will provide the basis for gender mainstreaming for the Swedish Embassy in South Sudan.

The ILPI / SIPU study will be a valuable tool in the implementation, monitoring and technical and political dialogue with various actors in South Sudan. It will be shared with a number of stakeholders and will contribute to greater understanding and awareness of gender inequalities in South Sudan.


  • Sida, Department for Africa, Support Unit for Justice and Peace

Deliverables & time frame


  • A study report

Time frame

  • May – August 2015
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