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Global economic trends


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Aim of the project

The aim of the project was to provide an analysis of trends in the global economy since 2008 and their consequences for Norwegian foreign policy. The nine chapters of the report each focus on a world region or a global policy issue, namely:

  • The impact of Chinese economic growth on East Asia,
  • Demographic challenges and opportunities in South Asia and the Middle East,
  • Good governance in Africa,
  • The welfare state in Latin America,
  • The EU and European integration,
  • New forms of economic cooperation and competition,
  • Rising economic inequalities,
  • Financial instability and the new world economy,
  • And global governance.

Each chapter offers an overview of the literature, analyses and discusses data displayed in tables and graphs, and derives policy-relevant conclusions of interest for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Deliverables & time frame


  • A comprehensive analytical report on global economic trends of relevance to Norwegian foreign policy

Time frame

  • November 2014 – April 2015
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