Religious persecution in Eritrea and the role of the European Union in tackling the challenge

Religion, Gender and the Public Sphere

Daniel Mekonnen, one of ILPI’s experts on the Horn of Africa, is one of the contributors to the book as the author of the chapter “Religious Persecution in Eritrea and the Role of the European Union in Tackling the Challenge” co-authored with Mirijam van Reisen.

The book edited by Niamh Reilly and Stacey Scriver was published in July 2013 and serves as an important contribution to the contemporary debate on the role of religion and gender in the public and political life. The authors are critical towards the European Union’s current aid development programme towards the Eritrean government and they argue that the current policy is legitimising the ongoing human rights violations in the country on the behalf of the Eritrean government. Further, as the basic principles of human rights and the right to religious freedom is clearly stated in the guiding principles of the European Union, the authors argue that the current aid policy towards Eritrea is both legally and morally unacceptable. The authors advise the European Union to revise its current aid development programme, and propose that they instead consider opening up for a dialogue with different religious communities in Eritrea.

More information about the book here.

Mekonnen DR & Reisen MV 2013, 'Religious persecution in Eritrea and the role of the European Union in 
tackling the challenge', in Religion, gender, & the public sphere, eds Reilly, N & Scriver, S, Routledge, Oxford, pp.232-245.

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