Digital vulnerabilities in society

The change from an analog to a digital world presents new challenges to industrialised countries. These challenges range from new types of crimes and new arenas for terrorism, to new classes of accidents with new sets of consequences.

The constant flux of the digital world means that the classes of crime, terrorism, accidents and consequences also are a subject to constant change. On the basis of this development, an expert committee analysed the Norway’s digital vulnerabilities and recommended actions to further improve and coordinate emergency preparedness on a sound professional basis. The committee delivered its assessment in the form of an Official Norwegian Report (NOU) to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security on 15 October 2015. Njål Høstmælingen contributed to Chapter 3 “Rule of law and fundamental values”.

Read article in Norwegian – Digital sårbarhet – sikkert samfunn — Beskytte enkeltmennesker og samfunn i en digitalisert verden.


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