Direitos humanos num relance – Human rights at a glance

This is a book written by ILPI’s Senior Partner Njål Høstmælingen and adapted to the African context by the Editorial Board consisting of Former Dean at the Faculty of Law, Prof. Carlos Teixeira, ILPI’s affiliated Senior Legal Advisor Dr. Aquinaldo Mandlate, and ILPI’s Advisors Anja S. Østgård and Ana Luiza Almeida e Silva.

Since there is no country that completely fulfils its obligations to respect and protect the rights and freedoms set in the human right conventions, human rights knowledge is crucial in all countries. Human rights law might seem both complex and far-reaching. This book aims at giving an overview over the international norms and monitoring mechanisms, and to provide examples of how domestic implementation can be carried out. It recognises the reciprocal process of adaption and contribution of different societies and cultures in the development of international human rights law – from America to Asia, from Africa to Europe.

The book introduces internationally recognised human rights and outlines the main features of the international human rights system, from international jurisprudence and the work of international organisations in this field. The intention is to establish a basic knowledge platform useful for practitioners, researchers and students.

For more about the book in Portuguese. click here.

Høstmælingen, N 2016, Direitos humanos num relance - Human rights at a glance, Edições Sílabo, Lisbon.


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