Human rights e-learning course

The establishment of a human rights e-learning course, under the Angola Human Rights Training Project gives participants an introduction to human rights norms and mechanisms.

The course applies an international and practical approach to the human rights regime, emphasizing the perspectives of the United Nations. After completing the course, participants will be able to better understand the international human regime, as well as its priorities at the international level.

The e-learners will be guided through both relevant reading material as well as practical sections where newly acquired knowledge can be tested. In total, the course will consist of eleven chapters, which includes topics such as the International Bill of Rights, the United Nations human rights system, the role of civil society, equality and non-discrimination, the rule of law, and the link between human rights and development, among others.

The target group is typically professionals that need a short introduction before entering into international human rights work, representatives that wish to strengthen their human rights knowledge coming from a ministry where implementation and reporting of human rights at a national level is one of many tasks, diplomats and other international agents that will be sent on mission abroad, or lawyers that need a basic platform for their human rights arguments. The course is also relevant for professors and teachers, students at university and/or college level, and for people working in the civil society or in international organisations.

This course is also a follow-up measure for alumni that have participated in courses in Norway and in Angola, as well as for student and teaching staff at academic partner institutions.

The course is available for Angolan partners and other interested parties in both Portuguese and English. The chapters can be accessed in the list below:


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ILPI has closed down. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons