Shipbreaking in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan

KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS has commissioned ILPI to prepare a report on Shipbreaking in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan: An Investor Perspective on the Human Rights and Environmental Impacts of Beaching. The report was launched on 18 May 2016 at a seminar hosted by KLP. ILPI’s senior legal advisor, Aase Gundersen, presented the report. Other speakers included the president of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, Sturla Henriksen.

In connection with the launch, KLP said:

“In KLP’s experience, it has been difficult to find detailed and verifiable information about beaching. For two years in a row, we have used information from NGO Shipbreaking Platform to find which companies in KLP’s portfolio have sent ships to beaching in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Nevertheless, we saw the need for a more detailed analysis that also incorporated changes in the regulatory landscape. Therefore, we commissioned ILPI to produce this report. We hope that the report can help raise awareness of the severe human and environmental risks beaching can entail for shipping industry companies, their customers, and also for other investors. KLP hopes to encourage investors to work together to engage with companies on improving labor and environmental conditions. The shipping industry is and will be an important part of Norwegian investors’ portfolios for the foreseeable future. KLP’s goal is to work towards a future where responsible shipbreaking is the industry standard.”

Download the report (PDF) here.

You can read more on this (in Norwegian) at KLP website.

ILPI 2016, Shipbreaking practices in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan: An investor perspective on the human rights and environmental impacts of beaching, International Law and Policy Institute, Oslo.

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ILPI has closed down. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons more information

ILPI has closed down. The information on this page is kept for historical reasons