Appraisals & Evaluations

LPI’s staff of lawyers and political scientists has conducted appraisals of a wide variety of issues, situations and processes, for public and private, commercial and not-for-profit clients. With broad in-house experience and a flexible approach to team selection, frequently including external experts, each ILPI appraisal is individually designed to meet each particular client’s needs. ILPI’s appraisals include both policy and strategy oriented needs assessments to establish priorities and best practices, and programme-related assignments, to provide early-warning input and recommendations for in-process adjustments.

ILPI undertakes baseline and end line studies, pre-project investigations, post-project evaluations, and project and programme monitoring. Our mixed methods evaluations identify and track processes of change and provide the evidence and concrete recommendations to inform policy or practice. ILPI assignments have included trajectory and scenario assessments, programme management studies, evaluations of impact, quality assurance, and results-based and value for money oriented evaluations for a variety of both state, civil society, and international organizations.

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