Teaching and Training

Several among ILPI’s senior staff are leading scholars in their fields, with vast experience in developing and delivering lectures, seminars and full-length courses. ILPI staff are regularly used by Norwegian and international media, and are frequently called upon as keynote speakers and expert panelists. Various kinds of teaching and training feature in a number of ILPI’s projects, all tailor-made to the individual clients needs. This includes lectures at institutes and universities, courses for ministerial staff, and trainings and workshops for units within international institutions or staff within civil society organizations.

ILPI can provide teaching and training across our wide areas of expertise, spanning from singular lectures to several weeks’ intensive in-depth courses. ILPI courses make use of modern teaching techniques and communication technologies, and may include visits to relevant institutions. ILPI also provides trainings in both qualitative and quantitative research methodology, including sampling strategies, interview styles, information gathering, data-processing, verification techniques, analysis and presentation.

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